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●Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Top-down cortical input during NREM sleep consolidates perceptual memory. Miyamoto D, Hirai D, Fung CCA, Inutsuka A, Odagawa M, Suzuki T, Boehringer R, Adaikkan C, Matsubara C, Matsuki N, Fukai T, McHugh TJ, Yamanaka A, *Murayama M. Science 352(6291) 1315-1318 Jun 2016.
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●Book Chapter

  1. Chapter 13. Dendritic integration in vivo, Palmer L, Murayama M, Larkum ME. Dendrites (3rd edition), Oxford University Press, Edited by Greg Stuart, Nelson Spruston, and Michael Häusser (2016)
  2. Chapter 82. Fiber-Optic Calcium Monitoring of Dendritic Activity. Murayama M, Larkum ME. Imaging in Neuroscience: A Laboratory Manual, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Edited By Fritjof Helmchen & Arthur Konnerth (2011)

●Awards and Honors

  1. 2016, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology The Young Scientists’ Prize. "A study for neural mechanisms of somatosensory perception"
  2. 2010, Japan Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award. "Dendritic bi-coding of sensory and motor information"
  3. 2010, Himura-Wagner Award (nominated by Dr. Sydney Brenner, the 13th Conference of Peace through Mind-Brain Science). "Optical imaging in the cortex of freely moving animals"
  4. 2009, Swiss Society for Neuroscience Travel Fellowship (Society for Neuroscience Meeting 2009 in Chicago)
  5. 2007, Second prize for poster presentation in the 3rd Annual Meeting of Clinical Neuroscience in Bern, Switzerland. "Fiberoptic imaging of dendritic calcium activity in freely moving animals"

●Invited Talks

  1. EITN Workshop, France
  2. IBRO Lecture, Multidisciplinary Brain Science 2015, Mongolia
  3. "Reverberating cortical circuit for accurate sensory perception.", Brain Conference 2015, Korea
  4. "Optogenetic control of cortical circuit and sensory perception.", Multidisciplinary Brain Science 2015, Mongolia